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Jewelry -- Wedding Horseshoe

Got Weddings?
Bring Good Luck!
Include our Horseshoe Pin

~ On the Bride's bouquet

~ As companion pieces worn by
the bride and groom

~ As gifts for the entire wedding party



Wedding Horseshoe, small, antiqued



Wedding Horseshoe
1 3/8" x 1 3/8"



Horseshoe pins are available in two finishes: highly polished and antiqued. The highly polished horseshoe has a mirror-like finish. To see an example of this finish, check out our bouquet picture. The antiqued finish is satin-y, and the groove on the shoe is darkened.

Each horseshoe has a pin finding, as well as a bar behind the "toe" of the shoe. To hang the horseshoe from a ribbon, thread a 1" wide ribbon around the bar, then slide both ends of the ribbon between the pin finding and the horseshoe. This allows the horseshoe to hang straight up and down and can easily be incorporated into a bouquet. Later, the horseshoe pin can be worn as jewelry, or framed with a copy of the legend.


Anniversary Pendant

Anniversary Pendant

This pendant makes a wonderful gift for a wedding, anniversary, or simply to celebrate a special relationship.

13/16" x 1 5/16"
Sterling Silver: $78.00



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