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Horseshoe Nail Snowflakes

The snowflake ornaments were among the first things we designed using horseshoe nails. In the rainy autumn of 1977, we dumped a box of horseshoe nails out on our kitchen table and began bending and arranging them into ornaments for our first Christmas tree. Although the way we present the snowflakes has changed several times over the years, the designs themselves remain very much the same as they originally appeared.

This year we offer them in 100% lead free pewter for the first time. Each ornament has a decorative bow and silver hanging cord. Whether you buy a set of four or just one, they each come individually gift-boxed. (see photo below)

They look lovely on a Christmas tree or hanging in a window where you can enjoy their striking silhouettes.

Please note: As of December 2016, this entire edition of snowflakes has sold out. A new edition of snowflake designs will be available in 2017. Please check back soon, or follow us on facebook for more updates!




Frostlight Snowflake

December Rose

December Rose Snowflake

lead free pewter
approximately 2 1/2" in diameter



Winter Wonder

Winter Wonder Snowflake


Solstice Snowflake

lead free pewter
approximately 2 1/2" in diameter


December Rose Snowflake

Gift boxing for snowflake ornaments



Note: Pewter is a soft metal. Ornaments are intended for use as hanging decorations only - not intended for use as jewelry or uses which involve extensive handling. Store in box when not in use.


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