Horseshoe Nail Nativity Scene


All of the figures in this nativity scene are original horseshoe nail designs by William and Lynn Kuegel. Each of the figures (except the star and baby) have a post attached which extends into the base. The posts provide stability and are invisible when the figures are in place. The pieces simly lift out of the base for easy storage, cleaning, or dusting of the base. The figures are available in different metals and finishes. The Shepherd's crook and Wise Man's staff are always brass. All the pieces can be cleaned using a polishing cloth or liquid cleaner appropriate for the type of metal. We suggest storing them in an area of gradual temperature fluctuation and low humidity.

The nativity figures can be purchased in finished mounted scenes, or individually so you can mount them yourself. The mounted scenes are each numbered on the underside of the bases. A footprint showing the location of each figure accompanies the scene for reference. In addition, we keep a record of each numbered scene which includes a list of figures in each metal and a footprint. This allows us to know the composition of your scene should you need replacement items, or lose track of which figure goes where.

There are various ways to build your scene over a period of time. One method is to purchase the central figures to start out and mount them in a temporary base. As you collect more figures, you can go to a larger base and reconfigure your layout as desired. A good way to make a striking base is to cover a piece of styrofoam with an appropriate cloth (quilt shops have many excellent choices). Fold the edges smoothly and pin the fabric in place on the underside of the styrofoam. Use a sharp craft knife to slit the fabric and slide the mounting posts of the figures into the styrofoam. For an even more finished look, you can cut your styrofoam to slide into a simple wooden frame.

If you choose to drill your own block, we recommend cutting a sheet of aper the same size you envision for your finished scene. Set this paper on a piece of styrofoam and set up your scene by pushing the posts through the paper and into the styrofoam. When you have them in the desired locations, mark the holes you wish to use with the name of the corresponding figure. Remove the paper from the styrofoam and place it on the base. Drill through the paper into the block to get the pieces just where you want them. Using a drill press will give you a nice straight hole of the correct depth.

Note: Use caution when handling or polishing the pieces and always keep them out of reach of children and pets.


We hope your heirloom nativity scene will bring you joy for many years.
Please feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

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